Backyard Pub Shed DIY

Backyard Pub Shed DIY – If you are looking for a great new way to both add value to your property and satisfy your interests when it comes to having a personal space in the backyard then perhaps a great idea would be to build your own custom garden pub shed. The most unique idea since the micro home we see lots of people build their own form of expression and relax in an environment they created. Not having to get the same permissions and permits as a typical house this can be a very cost effective way to build new living spaces on your property.

As many municipalities do not have zoning bylaws on structures built when they are under a certain size or meet other requirements you can simply start building and not have to go through the trouble and cost of a permit and inspection. Be sure to call your local government housing office and inquire as to what the standards are to a project that does not need the same governmental permissions as building an entire home.

Create a Theme


Remember that this will be an extension of your personality and should be a source of inspiration to you when you want to relax reminisce. Choosing a theme and then adding your personality to it will be a great way to have a concise and devised plan that will make a statement with your guests. Here are a couple of examples of common themes people have chosen.


This theme is a favorite among people who grew up near the ocean and can make use of everyday items that wash on shore as decoration. In the example below we see that an old boat oar is used as a sign. Cheap and easy ways to add character to your can be found everywhere. Making use of old mooring line as decoration after it has been treated is a classic example. Other old reclaimed building materials such as hardwood doors etc can be used in conjunction with modern framing techniques to provide the visual effect of an aged and wore structure while proving the strength to main it integrity’s for decades.

Full Metal


This style is one of the most economical as it relies on an existing deck to be fastened too. Through the use of common and cheap building materials such as corrugated aluminum and steel will make your budget stretch a lot. The money saved could be used on the wood finishing around the walls and roof. Careful consideration towards sanding and staining the posts and rafters will take away any impression of an industrial nature. This also makes for a great place to make use of during bbq season. Acting as a part time patio grill will make sure that your project is fully enjoyed by all.

Man Cave


Yes the idea of a man cave can be applied to the concept of a garden pub shed. Usually taking the shape of a sports bar this style is usually built to hold several individuals and also contain a large flat screen for the enjoyment of sports events. Unfortunately building in this style to fit many people often rules out the possibility of classic examples of this style like dart boards and pool tables. This kind of pub shed should also be designed so that maximum comfort can be had for when it is only going to be enjoyed by one. After all this is man cave after all and I am sure it would be agreeable with the others in the house that you don’t take up another room with your stuff.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this selection of garden pub shed ideas. Remember that these are just a few examples of many that you can find online so be sure to investigate other garden pub shed themes. And be sure to check with the local rules and regulations regarding construction in you are before starting any project.

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