Dining Room Decorating Ideas To Try

Dining Room Decorating Ideas to Try – Dining rooms are among the easiest rooms in your home to decorate, but many people put off redecorating the dining room because of the cost. You can give your dining room a whole new look with just a few well chosen accessories, however, so redoing the dining room doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Good piece of artwork can make an elegant statement in dining areas, but choose your purchases carefully. If you prefer an original painting art, ask for a certificate of authenticity when you make your purchase.

Reproductions and prints are acceptable for many people, as well, so if an original piece of artwork is out of your price range, choose a good reproduction piece. Make sure the painting’s theme and color palette match well with the rest of your home wall decor; avoid paintings with excessively morbid themes, unless your entire decorating scheme is dark.

Choose wall art paintings that are large enough to create a focal point, but not so large that they overwhelm the entire room. Several smaller paintings, chosen to complement each other, can make a stunning display over a buffet table or fireplace, so if a large wall painting picture is too much for your room, choose smaller wall painting pictures and arrange them creatively for the most visual impact.

Adding new light fixtures, like a chandelier, standing lamps, wall sconces, or candlesticks can also give your dining room a new look. Chandeliers are gorgeous over even the simplest table, and lamps can brighten dark corners. Candlelight is romantic, giving a golden glow to furnishings, oil painting pictures, artwork, and glass. Wall sconces can be used as accent lighting, or to subtly direct attention to paintings or other objects in the room.

Large area rugs placed underneath the table help to define space, as well as giving guests a soft surface to rest their feet. Make sure the rug you choose is large enough to accommodate the table and chairs, but not so large that it takes up the entire floor space. Oriental rugs are a classic choice for dining rooms, but modern area rugs can make an impressive statement as well.

Choose rugs that match the colors in your dining room, and watch out for clashing designs-you don’t want a checkered rug in a room that has a floral theme, or an ornate sculpted rug in a clean, modern themed room. Thankfully, area rugs are easily replaced if you make a mistake in choosing one-or if your niece decides to spill grape juice all over it!

Finally, a centerpiece is essential in any dining room. Fresh or faux, centerpieces can feature anything from flowers to fruit, or even pebbles and feathers. Choose your centerpiece to complement the china and silver you will be using. Remember: redecorating doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. With creativity and ingenuity, you can create the dining room of your dreams!

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