Stylish Solutions For Small Space Dining

Stylish solutions for small space dining – The days of entertaining in grand dining rooms with chandeliers and settings for thirty are long gone  for most of us! Instead, with living-space at a premium, sharing food with friends now calls for a bit of inventive room planning.

Thankfully, since the designers have caught up with the way we live now, furnishing a small space needn’t mean compromising on style. Here are some ideas for creating an elegant entertaining space that will make your guests feel like they are in that grand dining room after all

Choosing your table

The right table can be an instant space-saver. Opt for an elegant, slim design for a table that needs to be out permanently without dominating the room.

For a family, an extending dining table is compact enough for regular use while adapting perfectly for special occasions. A solid oak design is ideal if you need something solid enough for everyday meals  and that still feels sturdy when extended.

[Picture Julian Bowen/Ascendi oak table].

If you don’t need your table to be out all the time, why not opt for a folding design that can be easily stowed away? The folding glass table from Responsive Designs combines glass and chrome to help create a sense of light and space  ideal for a small room.

Thinking outside the box

Take another look at your dining space. You might find there are more possibilities than you’d first thought. For example, a bay window can frame a circular dining table beautifully, and provide a focal point for the room without taking up valuable space.

If your entertaining style is more casual, why not seat your guests on barstools in the kitchen  that way you can chat away as you cook (or rope them in if necessary!).

Light and colour

One benefit of a small dining space is that you won’t need to work hard to create a cosy atmosphere! Avoid dark colours or overly bold patterns on walls, and opt instead for light neutrals. Keeping things co-ordinated and uniform will stop a small room feeling cluttered. Lighting is an important factor  make sure corners aren’t lost in shadow by using two or three lighting points.

More ideas?

There’s no reason why your dining furniture shouldn’t reflect your style just because space is tight. A compact dining space can easily combine comfort and on-trend design. We’ve put together a range of small space dining furniture solutions from Ascendi  why not take a look?

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