Amish Accent Furniture

Amish Accent Furniture – Sometimes people choose to enhance their existing furniture arrangement with a classy piece of Amish made furniture; an accent’ piece if you like. Such a piece of Amish furniture will be that which adds charm and definition to an area.

The Dining Room hutch: The Amish make a variety of hutches big and small that can store your china, or other objects d’art or mementos. As per your particular requirement, you can get yourself a one, two or multiple door hutch, with or without a glass frontage. Many dining room hutches offer features such as beveled glass on the doors, mirror backs and recess lighting. You can have a door or a drawer combination at the base of the hutch which increases dramatically, the storage capacity of this item of dining room furniture. You can choose from dining room hutches with glass shelves or wooden shelves, depending upon your preference. Many offer the option of an open shelf area that you can use for an additional serving surface for when you are entertaining.

Buffets: These are also sometimes called servers or side boards, and which usually consist to a flat top serving area with drawers and cabinets below for storage. You can have the option of dovetail drawers which are such a specialty of Amish made furniture and with full extension sides as well. Some buffets can be versatile enough to be able to double as a wine rack or a mini bar as well. Options for storing wines are present in the crisscross work below the serving area, with the facility for storing glassware at the top so that your long stemmed ware has a safe storage area.

Corner Cabinet: A corner cabinet could be an ideal addition to your dining room furniture or to your living room. While in the dining room it can offer a beautiful display and storage area for all your lovely silver ware and delicate china, in the living room the same corner cabinet could be used to display trophies, mementos, crystal ware, family heirlooms and other precious items of display.

Dining Nook: Sometimes the shape or area of the dining room or area may be such that a traditional dining table may not be the correct choice, and when a dining nook would fit in just perfectly. Typically a dining nook would have a bench like structure that fits into the corner of the room along two walls and would also have a table that is typically smaller than a regular dining table. Additionally a dining nook would have a couple of independent chairs or an additional bench that would make up a whole.

Wine Rack or Sideboard: Many sideboards are versatile enough to double as wine racks, with built in areas where you can store wines the way they should be stored. It is important that you store wine bottles horizontally so that the corks remain moist and won’t disintegrate due to dryness or brittleness when you coax out the cork with a corkscrew. These items of furniture offer space not only for your bottles, but also for delicate glass ware.

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