Antique Furniture For Your Home

Antique Furniture for your home – Antique furniture is that type of furniture which is used for furnishings of considerable age. It has unique features and handmade which is very popular in all over the world. Antique furniture may use for seating, resting, provide storages, or hold objects. In old days antique furniture was made from precious wood and also art work on done which makes furniture more antiques. Some antique furniture types are:

Antique Armoires

Armoire is a word which is used in French for wardrobe. Wardrobes are used for storing textiles and clothes. Three types of wardrobes are available in the market; which are American, UK, and Italian type. Antique types of armories are handmade which was made from precious wooden.

Antique Beds

Bed is a type of furniture which is used for resting & sleeping. Antique beds are made from natural material like heap of palm leaves. In 15th century beds was made in large sizes. The size of those beds was 78 feet by 67 feet. The 17th century has been called “the century of magnificent beds” because lot of stylish and handmade beds was coming in this century.

Antique Cabinet

A cabinet is a box-shaped piece of furniture with doors and drawers for storing different items. In early days cabinets are also known as a Linen-Press. First time British peoples used oak wood in its construction for make stylish and antique cabinets. Some antique cabinets are also placed in different Museums.

Antique Chair

A chair is a type of furniture which is used for sitting; commonly one person sits at a time. When you see its structure it has four legs and a back but in modern days three leg chairs are also available. Antique chairs were made from some precious wood materials such as Oak, Poplar, Teak and many more.

Antique Chest

It is the oldest form of furniture which known as coffer or kits. Chests are rectangular in shape with four walls and a lift able lid which also used for storage. In past days antique chest was also used for storage of cloth, weapons and other precious items.

Antique Clock

Clock is one of the oldest human inventions. Clocks are used to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time. Clocks styles and designs are change in each year. Three dials clock was made in 16th century which shows the hours, minutes and seconds. The ancient French rococo bracket clocks were one of the antique clocks which placed in Museum of Time, Besancon, France.

Antique Fireplace

Fireplaces are designed to contain a fire for heating or may be cooking. It has variable heat efficiency that’s why many organizations warned the people that fireplaces are not good for health. Two types of fireplaces are available; Masonry and Manufactures fireplaces. In past days ancient fireplaces were built in ground or in the center of a hut. In 16th century Prince Rupert introduced new look of fireplaces by making the airflow and venting system.

Antique Table

Tables are also a part of furniture which has a flat surface provided support to objects of interests, show manipulation and for storage. It has four legs and made from different type of wood. Egyptians were used tables to keep objects off the floor which was made from stone. Chinese was also used tables for writing and painting.

In early days furniture was simple in design and practical, but when it is crafted and decorated it became more Antique Furniture and stylish. Homeowners are also demanded that their antique furnishings reflect their status and lifestyles.

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