Small Bath Rooms Dilemma

Small Bath Rooms Dilemma – You have just purchased a home that has everything you like except the bathroom is small. This is a dilemma faced by many people. More often overlooked are corner bath tubs and some claw foot bath tubs with rim mount faucets.

Although corner bath tubs may appear to be out of the traditional since of a bathroom they do indeed lend themselves to being the answer to the small bathroom dilemma. Although most corner bath tubs are the whirlpool variety it is possible to order these tubs without the jets if you’re the type of person who does not desire jets and the electrical work the goes along with installing one of these tubs.

The corner bath tubs have in recent yearshave become fairly popular due to the space saving attributes theyhave to offer. The design is such they give you the since of spaciousness and leading to a relaxing feeling when bathing. Another positive point to these types of tubsisthat many offer the spaciousness that allow for two people to bath simultaneously.

Because of there sizeit is not unusual that they could require upwards of 100 gallons of water to fill which is something to consider regarding your water heater capacity.

If a corner bath tub doesnt quit suit your fancy, consider a claw foot bath tub that is either available in acrylic or cast iron. Many of the standard track homes homes have bathrooms that measure in width 60 ” from stud to to stud. Remembering of course this is before the sheet rock and tile if used.

We offer a 57 1/2 slipper tub that will fit this type of home. With a home that has the dimensions previously mentioned your other alternative is the inexpensive bath tub with shower surrounds that are available at home stores. Keep in mind however, they are typically shallow and do nothing to set your house apart from the rest when you attempt to sell your home. Our 57.5 inch claw foot is 12.5 inches deep which considerably deeper than the tubs previously mentioned from the home stores and of course makes for a tremendous presence in your bathroom that will surely set your home apart from the rest.

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