Do It Yourself Barn Door

Do It Yourself Barn Door – If you love barns, you absolutely would want to provide a good barn door. They are a pair of vertical framed material. They are also visible, and usually made but not limited to wood. They commonly have gambrel type of roofing, but of course, the barn doors’ construction is the crucial part as they must be wide enough to house a lot of feeds and other farm equipment.

Sliding barn doors are often used in interior spaces as an alternative to traditional doors or separators. When you buy your barn doors, be sure to follow any instructions given with the kit. The steps below will provide you with a simple outline for outfitting a barn or interior space with a sliding door.
With other forms of do it yourself instructions, here are the most basic instruction to install your beloved sliding barn doors. Larger sturdy doors can also be used on larger barns, but the usual thickness is of 1 3/4″ and 3/4″tongue and groove.

Sliding door requires the use of a trolley (a rail system that carries or moves the door from side to side) and several rollers that ride along this track. The installation will take the better part of a day, and requires mounting the trolley just over the barn door opening, then attaching the rollers to the barn door, and sliding them into place. You will need at least two people and maybe three or more to complete the job. Together, they need to be strong enough to lift and hold the barn doors for several minutes.

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